I am a first year Ph.D. student at the School of Engineering at Universidad de los Andes advised by Prof. Mario Linares-Vásquez. I am also part of The Software Design Lab (TSDL) where I work on automation of software engineering tasks, quality attributes in mobile apps and software testing. Additionally, I have been reading recently about mining repositories, natural language processing and other machine learning related topics. However, one of my most favorite topics is visual analytics through online visualizations using D3.js. I made my Ms. and B.E. studies at Universidad de los Andes. For more detailed info and non-academical info, please visit the About Me section.



  1. MutAPK: Source-Codeless Mutant Generation for Android Apps. Escobar-Velásquez, Camilo and Osorio-Riaño, Michael and Linares-Vásquez, Mario. In Proceedings of the 34th International Conference on Automated Software Engineering 2019 ( ASE’19 )
    [ DOI ] [ PDF ] [ Online Appendix ]
  2. Kraken-Mobile: Cross-Device Interaction-based Testing of Android Apps. Ravelo-Méndez, William and Escobar-Velásquez, Camilo and Linares-Vásquez, Mario. In Proceedings of the 35th International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution 2019 ( ICMSE’19 )
    [ DOI ] [ PDF ] [ Online Appendix ]
  3. An Empirical Study on Android-related Vulnerabilities. Linares-Vásquez, Mario and Bavota, Gabriele and Escobar-Velásquez, Camilo. In Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Mining Software Repositories 2017 ( MSR ’17 )
    [ DOI ] [ PDF ] [ Online Appendix ]


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